One-day Picnic

I’m not a huge fan of one-day school/college trips. One-day trips are enjoyable for people who find fun dancing in the bus/van, singing random songs with loose lyrics in loud voices/out of pitch tones, and the like. Sorry, not my cup of tea.

And a usual one-day ‘picnic’ destination is like approx four hours, one-way. You know right then it’s going to be a boring eight hour journey for me. Eight long hours inside a stuffed bus with all the above-mentioned cacophony fun going on, and the number of hours spent at the actual destination? Three. Maybe four. At the max five. Worth it?! And there also has to be a mandatory person on every trip who looks ready to puke at any instant.  Travel sickness sucks!

Once before such a trip I asked my friend whether it was all worth it. His response was “Who cares about the destination! Its just a day to be totally carefree and shout out and have total fun! Who knows whether we’ll all have such a day like this again in our lives” And I guess this is the way 90% of the people might feel. Good logic. But its the interpretation of ‘fun’ that differs here.

People mistake this emotion of mine for ‘jaada’ (Ego). I tell them to carry on dancing or whatever they were attempting, and that I’m not interested, and the general reaction is like – ‘Oh,Jaada thendi. Avan varilla’. <Oh, he’s an egoistic nut. Don’t bother>

Why don’t the poor souls realise I’m just not interested in the crap!

Anyway, went for a one-day trip from my firm the other day to Munnar. Surprise surprise! I could say it ended up being my most enjoyed trip ever 🙂 I seriously did not expect it to be so good, considering my aversion to such stuff! A good bus, some good people, an awesome place and tons of fun! We were a bit late to start, at 7.15, but still managed to get some four splendid hours at Munnar.

Munnar, the Switzerland of India, was as beautiful as ever. This being the monsoon season, there were comparatively less tourists, which meant more time to admire the beauty.. of nature, for a change 😉

There was some debate whether to visit the Munnar Top-Station or not, considering the limited time that we had. We eventually decided to give it a try, and what a good decision it turned out to be! Around 6100 ft above sea level, the view from the Top-Station is simply stunning. It sure is one spot I’d make sure to come on my future visits to the place.

The organizers did a tremendous job. The trip, bus, entertainment, co-ordination, everything! Three cheers, guys! The food part to be specially applauded. 😀

We got back by like, 10 at night, and it surely ended up being a day I wouldn’t forget in the near future! 🙂

The only flip-side being dragging myself back to office right the next day!! That took some trouble!


7 responses to “One-day Picnic

  1. Hehe…try a trip to Goa or somewhere as you like..A long trip.. At least for 3 days and not more than 10.Yaar from my experience,it will be awesome.You will have “Ton kanakkinu Fun”..
    But you have a clear cut goal.Better hear my advice after you reach there.

  2. Hey nice to some awesome posts in your blog..Hogenakkal is another place i wud like 2 suggest..but u need atleast 3 days to xplore that place..check out my tour pics in my blog..!believe me..those were the best days of my colege life so far..!!

  3. ^^^^^^^^^
    * nice to see..

  4. Finaallyyy!! Mr Srinivas had fun..!!! Cool!!
    Keep Smiling (try atleast I know its hard for you :P)….!!

  5. hey .. nice post and beautiful pics .. wonder if i should consider kerala instead of goa for a trip !

  6. @ Rahul
    Hmm. I really need a vacation. Maybe this year-end..

    @ Sarath
    Cool pics. Have heard of the place, but distance is the problem.

    @ Preeti

    @ Vinay
    You’re welcome to Kerala. Munnar is an awesome place to visit..

  7. He he dude.. Munnar! its a nice place to be..
    Hope you explore more places in future 🙂

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