It’s all a blur!

<The dialogs in Italic are mine>

Week 1. My office.

“Hey! New phone? Cool. Which model is it?”

“It’s 5800. Nokia’s new one. Got it the other day.”

“Oh Wow! Fine, but where’s the keypad?”

“Hah hah. There’s no keypad boss.. Its touch-screen, like the I-Phone.”

“My God! Its awesome. Lucky you!”

“Oh please, it’s nothing great.” <blush|proud|blush>

Week 2. My Office.

“Hey dude, give me your phone. Just need to make a call.”

“Fine.. Here take it”

” … “

“What on earth are you doing, digging the screen?!”

“Oops. Sorry dude. I usually don’t use these antique models. Just got used toΒ  touch-screen, you see..!”

” You $#%^&#*@&(!%# ”

Week 3. Nokia Care Center.

“Hello Sir. How can I help you?”

“There’s some problem with the display of my phone. The screen gets blurred at times, when I unlock the phone.”

“Oh, ok. This is a screen defect. I guess the display panel has to be changed.”

“Yea? Whatever. I got warranty. Just do it.”

“The problem is, we are out of display panel stock right now.”

“Oh, so when is it expected?”

“We’ll have them next week. And I’m sure we’ll be able to fix the screen by next weekend.”

“Fine.. One week without my sweetheart. Its gonna be hard!”

Week 4. Nokia Care Center.

“My 5800! My baby! Its all healthy now, I believe?”

“Sir, actually, we havent received the stock yet. We will be able to solve the problem as soon as we get hold of it.”

“Yea? So I’ll take my mob with me and bring it back when you guys get the stock?”

“Okay, thats fine. Please call us up next week, I’m sure we would have it by then.”

Week 5. Home.

“Hello, is this the Nokia Care Center?”

“Yes sir, how can I help you?”

“Has the stock of 5800 display panel come yet?”

“One moment sir, let me check.. Oops, not yet. Please call us next week. We expect the next lot of deliveries next week”


Week 6. My flat.

“Hey, whats this on your mobile?! I can’t see a thing!”

“Nothing dude, that’s just a new screensaver. Yes, really.”

“Oh. I see. And how to disable this screensaver?”

“Er..Ahem.. Excuse me.. Slight headache..”

Week 7. Home.

“Hello. Nokia Care Center. How can I help you?”

“Hello, has the stock of Nokia 5800 disp..”

“Oh No sir, it hasn’t come yet. Please check up next week.”

“What the ..”

Beep.. Beep.. Beep..

Week 8. Nokia Care Center.

“Sir, how can I help you?”

“My phone. My display. Its totally blurred now. I just can’t use it. Just been a month since I bought it and look at it now! Pleeeaaasssee! Help meee! Do somethinggg”

“Oh, I’m sorry sir, the display panel has to be changed.”

“Yea? And I guess you are out of stock right now? And this will be solved within a week?”

“Yes sir. Thats right. We’ll have it done by next weekend.”

“Damn you bunch of &#(&#)@*$&())@&U$ “

Week 9. Office.

“Hey. Just gime your phone dude. Need to make a call”

“Hey, I thought you used only touch-screen ones. By the way, what happ to it?”

“There’s some problem dude. The display has crashed. And the service center sucks. Now let this be between us. Please”

Week 10.

Office: “Hey, my phone might be an antique, but its display works! Hah Hah.”

Flat: “Got any new screensavers, dude? Hah hah.”

Nokia Care Center: “Next week, sir. Next week, surely”

  • And the problem still persists. My darling phone. Such a new thing, and all messed up already! 😦
  • If any Nokia supporters are reading this by any chance, for Gods sake, please send the Nokia Care Creeps in my city some display panel stock, and save my phone’s life!!! Thank You!

Miracles do happen! The Care Center guys finally got some stock, and my phone display is back! Yipee! Now where are those people who made fun of my darling phone?! 😑


19 responses to “It’s all a blur!

  1. haha..dude…don’t worry….just give a kick to your darling when display not working ,or else drop that babe from chest height to the hard floor…It works ..and no repair charges…
    well,I need a treat after you check it!

  2. Kikiki….Poor poor u[:P]…!!

  3. sad u spent a truckload o dough on a piece somethin tht resembles one o those made in china toys i had wen i was 6…

    this s y da wise man once sed ‘ur an idiot and he s(N &# fan) isnt’

    so long sucker…bwahahahaha…

  4. Heheheh – I am a sony ericsson fan – and not a great admirer for nokia! πŸ˜›

    But glad u got ur phone working again!

  5. @ Rahul
    Thanks! This the way you do?

    @ Preeti

    @ N&# Fan
    You’ve been having that made in china toy of yours (N&#) since you were 6? Good good.

    @ What’s in A Name?!
    I was a die-hard Sony-Ericsson fan for three years. Just shifted to Nokia for a change. πŸ˜€

  6. I am right now thinking about buying a new phone.. Have nokia as my priority…but the story of your experience will surely make me think twice..didn’t think nokia’s aftersales service is so pathetic…!!

    anyway good to know that you finally have your baby back…!

    • If you’re going for Nokia, I’d recommend the N-series or the E-series or the 5800. Well, these three have the ‘Premium Customer’ special counter at the Nokia Care in our city. We come late, and still get to meet the Customer Care ppl first, while the poor people with other phone models sit and wait πŸ˜€

  7. bro awesome execution n presentation of d story…. i loved it… u truly set an example of how these things actually work and it’s a very strong representation of a problem faced by a person in his daily life with these not-so-important-yet-quite bothering problems of daily life…. keep it up bro… πŸ™‚

  8. Touchscreen – nothing beats the iPhone. I’ve had it for almost 2 years now, and its still so awesome πŸ˜€

    And iPhone kicks 5800’s ass any day πŸ˜€

  9. har har!!! good one!!:)

  10. It seems u r unlucky.. My 5800 is 5 months old n still no probs πŸ™‚

  11. dude..i thot of commentin ur seein the comments, im getin envious abt the comments u get.. hmm.. hello.. anybody there?? there is a bloody blog called . there is nothing gud in it..still..somone, have some mercy and read thru it..

  12. loved it..
    the convo is awesumly real!!!!

  13. loved it!!
    the convo is so true!!!

  14. hehehe i love tis one!! seee i always tell ya.. ur fone;s baddd πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€ :D//// even da day i bot corby πŸ˜›

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