Bhramaram – My view

I personally had high expectations from this movie. Pre-release publicity like ‘first Mallu road movie’, and ‘director Blessy’s first suspense thriller’, and the ‘best ever acting by Mohanlal’ comment I received from my friends who watched the movie FDFS, could be blamed for the same. In the end, I could say the movie fell short of my expectations.


The first half showed good promise, with the suspense being maintained well. Leave out an unconnected sub-plot, the first half was OK. But the second half, sadly, was a letdown for me. Driving a jeep over a mountainous terrain for fifteen minutes is not my idea of a ‘road movie’, or of a ‘suspense thriller’. The director has tried hard to make sure the film runs for two-and-half hours. Maybe tried too hard.

As usual, Lalettan plays his part to perfection. No surprises there. But the supporting cast were not up to the mark. Bhumika had nothing to do, and the ‘doctor’ and Suresh Menon were just about OK. Lakshmi Gopalswami just looked good. The two kids,  Meenakshi and Lachu or Achu or whatever she was called in the movie, were irritating. There were two good songs in the movie.

Overall, it looks like Blessy felt somewhere along that he needed to concentrate on the ‘family audience’, as he has been successfully doing with his movies so far. Hence, overdoes the emotional part and the movie as a result, fails to maintain the grip required of a suspense thriller.

The supposed-to-be stunning climax took too long to come, and was predictable for anyone who has seen at least a few old Malayalam movies. A crisper, shorter, better-scripted second half could have bettered the movie. Mohanlal, with his awesome acting (but bad physique) is the only saving grace. Go with low expectations, or go just to admire his superb acting style, and you may like the movie.

By the way, has there been any recent M’lal movie where there are absolutely no bar scenes/drinking scenes? Cant think of any!


5 responses to “Bhramaram – My view

  1. Yea..Blessy is some sort a sadist..and no matter how good his first halves,he is gonna end it in sorrow..I expected that i just got wonder,no emotions…sad that i could very well easily predict the movie…He should have remembered that we are watching movie not for the first time…there were pretty lot of movies like where jayaram’s bring his dad to mis mother’s grave…I have decided,I will never ever go n watch a blessy movie in theaters.

  2. I am a great laleetan fan.lalettan’s acting is superb.But the movie is very boring.There is a lack of a good story.The film is not a suspense thriller or road movie.

  3. “Mohanlal, with his awesome acting (but bad physique) is the only saving grace.”

    Is that an apology. For what? What’s bad physique got to do with a rustic jeep driver anyway?

    • Hi. Thanks for checking out my blog.
      Which part of it sounded like an apology? I never connected physique and jeep driving. Bad physique is just bad physique. Period. If you were suggesting that the bad physique was specially to give an extra ‘Oh-so-realistic’ effect to the portrayal of a jeep driver, please..!! Stop kidding 😀

  4. yea ..the title saved U.. “Bhamaram-MY view” .. Its not the view of the public.which includes me too.. Itz a gr8 muvee budd.. Yea I too agree it aint a road movie with a 15min driv. but still check out lalettan and his acting..He is the best.

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