I’m not old

“Dude, you seriously are just 20?! You look older than that!” – My neighbor said, the other day. Coming to think of it, I do, at times, feel seriously old. And to an extent, it could be blamed on my course.

The depth of the topics and the never-ending studies required give a fallen-straight-onto-ocean-from-pond feel to a schoolkid who joins CA. Articleship (practical training/office work, a compulsory aspect of CA) doesn’t help in the matter either. Meetings, deadlines, documentation, reports etc were all terms associated with big pot-bellied uncles, until I joined the course. Suddenly, I feel like I’m becoming one among them.

All the fun, the entertainment, the ‘who cares!’ or ‘whatever!’ attitude has just eroded out, and here I am, with either a grave/serious look, or a lost-and-out-of-the-world expression on my face anytime you see me. The formal dress code doesn’t help a dime either. What the heck! Writing about this is just making me feel even older.

Hmm. Maybe I should just forget all this and start a new leisure habit. Maybe I’m taking all this too seriously. Maybe I’m talking bullshit.Β  Hope you get the point! Anyway, efforts start from today. I am not ready to get old at such a young age.:D

Suggestions welcome..


18 responses to “I’m not old

  1. hey..
    go to gym daily…u can be young …like me.ha ha.

  2. Don’t take yourself, your course and your work too seriously. Just take everything with a pinch of garam masala. πŸ™‚

  3. eat chocolates (:P)

  4. @ Rahul
    Bad idea uncle πŸ˜›

    @ What’s in a Name?!
    Hmm yea. True..

    @ Preeti
    Been doing that for two decades now πŸ˜€

  5. i swear! I’m doing my CA too, so i feel your pain. Wearing salwar kameez 6 days a week, ARGH!
    where u doing ur articles?

  6. /*β€˜who cares!’ or β€˜whatever!’ attitude*/

    why you are losing this… don’t lose it soon.. it’s a proof of us being young.. LOL πŸ˜†

    relax yourself… and spend some time with your friends group.. which will help you πŸ™‚

  7. So true pal… all those important times of our youth that should have been spent having fun and lazing around…. all gone serving our principals, who make us work like dogs and pay us peanuts 😦
    We’re missing a huge part of our youth so obviously we’ll feel old when u listen to our other friends sayin.. we did this, we went there, we saw that movie… had a blast… and what did we do in that time?? oh i did some vouching, prepared a few reports, filed a few returns.. it was pretty fun!!

    • Hehe. True true. And twenty five years later.
      “Dad, what did you do when in your teenage and twenties? Rock music? Discos? Girls? Stylish haircut? Hangouts at CCD? Smoke and drinks? Drugs?”
      “Son. I prepared financials. Filed TDS returns. Worked on 3CD and Annexures. Sorted out 40A3 disallowances. Er. Son? Son?”
      “Snore. Snore.”

  8. Name (required)

    wat a load o crap…grow up everybody!!!

  9. Dude.. evn i think the same..till 12th, ppl used to ask me am i in 9th, am i in 8th.. now since i joined CA, ppl askin me, whn marriage?marrige kazhinjo.. I think there is some real prob with the course. I think v needa start a scrutiny..or shud v sue ICAI for our Age??
    But dude U look smart as evr..:)

  10. well…dude..u seriously do look old !!!!
    lik..late twenties?

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