The walk on the railway tracks,
By the river as our laughter cracks..

As the sun dips into the waters,
During the dusky hours..

Dark waters flow by,
Under the moon we lie..

A word or two, but often silence talks,
Barefoot on little pieces of rocks..

As the evening clouds turn red,
A lone bird flies with a crumb of bread..

Two pairs of eyes smile,
Two hands held, for miles..

Some leisure hours by the bustle of the day,
Some evenings Some moonlit skies..

A smile with a thought,
In one corner lies..


15 responses to “Afterglow

  1. wow….kollaaaamello….I never knew you had a “KaviHridyam” (poet heart :-p.) in you…
    You have described dusk very well…n well u have used rhyming ..datz impressive.

  2. yea..its not urs.. SO whose is it???

  3. hey check my new blog..

  4. Nice πŸ™‚

  5. tht was awesome……didn’t knw tht u could write so wel………nice job…………:-)

  6. suhruthe…bhavi unde…liked it! my bro as well…

  7. great work pal… captured the moment amazingly well… makes me think.. mera number kab ayega?? 😦

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