Take Care

Try, baby try
To trust in my love again.
I will be there, I will be there.
Love, your love
Just shouldn’t be thrown away.
If we’d go again
All the way from the start,
I would try to change
The things that killed our love

Dear ………….,

Hope this finds you in good spirits, and in a good mood, so you won’t crumple this up as soon as you see my name. Twelve calls and you didn’t pick up even once. Okay, it’s all my fault. My ignorance, my foolishness, my supreme bloated ego.

I realise I might have apperared irritating to you, recently. Okay, a lot irritating. I wouldn’t blame you. I admit, you were right to feel so. Its just because I wanted you all to myself.Β  I couldn’t stand you drifting away from me. You couldn’t realise that? You could’ve reacted differently to my actions. You could have tried to change yourself, instead of asking me to change and wanting me to be the same old person that I used to be.

Maybe I wasn’t being too open with what I wanted. But you could have tried. At least tried, to decipher what I was trying to imply, why I was breaking down, why I was changing more and more with each passing day, from the guy I used to be.

Ok, in the end, I don’t blame you. It’s all been my fault. My expectations from you were just different from yours. And I’m sure I will move on in life, someday, like you have already. And I wonder how I would think about this at that stage.

Remember the first day we actually met? I never used to believe in co-incidences till that day. Hmm, what a day! Its still fresh in my memory and I’m sure it was one of the best days of my whole life.

I know its all too late to be reflecting upon it now. It is not my intention that you should read this and come running back to me, hug and cry and forget all that has happened between us. I just wanted to convey this out to you, to let know what I feel. And to give you one last memoir of me that you can look at, when you ever, if ever do happen to think of me. I’m quite positive you might have already cleared all traces of me from your life, and I have no reason to believe this wouldn’t go straight onto your waste bin. But still, I just wanted to do this.

Thanks for taking your time reading this. Just want to let you know that I would always be there for you. Have an awesome life, wherever and however you are. Take care.

If we’d go again
All the way from the start
I would try to change
The things that killed our love
Yes, Ive hurt your pride, and I know
What you’ve been through
You should give me a chance
This cant be the end
Im still loving you


No, I’m not suffering from any sorta breakdown. Just plain Fiction.


13 responses to “Take Care

  1. helo..dude..
    this is so touchin..
    i m plannin to send a copy of this blog to my all exx…heh..let them cry n come and hug me..he he.

    just kiddin.
    anway keep up the good work..take care

  2. Nice work man!

    You always write something which I can relate to – articleship etc etc.
    Now this theme too.
    A kinda stuff everyone must have written at least once in his/her lifetime.
    All they need to do is, to fill up the ……

    Keep on brother.

  3. as always.. good write up.. claps claps!!!!:)

  4. heart-touching……………………..

  5. Congrats ! btw TOEFL is much easier than 10th std english exam.

  6. Eez really really good man…ME LIKEY πŸ˜‰

  7. good writing skills mate !

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