The Wayanad Tour

Just got back from an amazing tour to Wayanad. Wayanad is a spectacularly beautiful hill station/forest area in northern Kerala. A must-visit place for nature-lovers.

This is a synopsis of the tour, arranged in numbers. And I clarify, this is not because of the popular conception of CAs being mad-about-numbers people. Heh.

1 – One bus. Twenty people. One rocking tour!

2 – Number of days spent in Wayanad.Β 

3 – Number of movies watched in the bus during the whole journey. All yucky movies, sadly.

4 – Hours spent at Kuruva Dweep. Awesome four hours. Lovely place. One of the best experiences for a water lover. And one of the rarest clean picnic spots we can see in India.

5 – Number of people who went out for a walk at 11 PM along a totally empty road in the middle of a forest in Vythiri, with no houses or habitation around for kilometres.

6 – Time (in minutes) the above walk lasted before the team got shit scared and ran back to safety.

7 – Number of guys who were interested in getting their snaps taken beside the rocks and water in Banasurasagar Dam, and got busted by the cops for entering prohibited area.

8 – Minutes the above-mentioned cops spent advising (Of course, in Kerala Police terms) the above-mentioned law-breakers about Godknowswhat.

9 – Time (in hours) taken to reach Wayanad from Cochin.

10 – Minutes my chappals lasted before breaking apart on our 1.5 hour trek atop Chembra Peak till the supposedly-never-drying lake.


7 responses to “The Wayanad Tour

  1. Hey….i love the blog..and the pics are pretty…

  2. Nicely done. But you may have added some more details too.. Wayanad is awesome!! And you guys are law-breaking adventurous naughty freaks!!!
    He he πŸ˜€

  3. impressive….as usual….. πŸ™‚

  4. Its a great work.. Very nice presentaion

  5. wow………really…kool snaps..
    n nice writing…creative…

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