I thought Chronic Bachelor was superdirector Siddique’s most boring movie. I thought Rasikan was Dileep’s most boring movie. (No, I didn’t have the courage to watch Moz n Cat, Colors, etc). I thought Mallu movie makers had a minimum sense when it came to placement, timing, picturisation and selection of songs in a movie.

And then, I saw Bodyguard.

Went for the movie purely cos of two factors: Dileep and director Siddique. Both being known for their humorous entertainers, it was my fault to expect a bit of entertainment from the movie in spite of being warned by friends to stay away from it. This was 2.45 hours of boredom.

It starts off as an action movie, goes into college mode, then to romance and somewhere in between, we fall asleep. The actors have little interest, songs are greatly misplaced and unconnected, the editing is bad, and the quantity and standard of humour is way below the expectations.  Nayantara looked good. Mitra Kurien looked half as good as she did in Gulumaal. Thyagarajan, looking seriously aged, had the same expression throughout the movie. Dileep’s characterisation was bad and the number of loopholes in the plot were just too much to count. Guinness Pakru, in the couple of scenes that he featured, evoked more laughter than the designated Dileep-film-comedian Harisree Asokan who had a nearly full-length role.

Then, there is a twist. Yea, the final twist in the movie that’s supposed to make us forgive the makers for the agony we suffered till then. It was unpredictable, I agree, but it was also equally weird and mindless.

What were they thinking when they made the movie! The producer would be a relieved man with the in-film promotions of Docomo, and the general hype and interest surrounding a Siddique movie which would ensure the movie being a hit.

And this movie, I hear, is going to be remade in Tamil with Vijay? In Telugu with Venkatesh?

Oh Lord.


2 responses to “B(lo)odyguard

  1. I am thankful to you for this review. Hope I am not even in the range of the theatre where this movie is playing.

  2. Ah.. I knew the film was super-duper flop!! My friend narrated the entire story with Dileep running aroung with Private number… So sucky!!!

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