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Qualified Opinion

Its been eons since the last post! The thought was that I’d take a temporary slowdown for the exams. The slowdown, which started in Jan 2010, got shifted to a break in February. The only problem was, the break never ended!

Exams came and went, but the break went on. There have been many times I felt like updating the blog, but I’d just sit in front of the screen, staring at the ‘New Post’ page. The sudden surge of guilt of having ignored my blog, which would result when I read something good on the internet, would quickly melt away when I sit to write. Absolute lack of creativity was the norm.

I have sat down many times, taken lots of vows to put finger to keyboard and update my blog, within this span of time. There are lots of stupid draft posts lying half-baked and unpublished. Well, its not like I was exceptionally creative earlier, but  there always used to be something to write about, whereas the last year was full of studies, exams and other tension. But, it was a life-changing year. One that totally altered my life. In many ways, many meanings.

2011 – I got transformed from a ‘student’ to a ‘professional’. From a ‘classmate’ to a ‘colleague’. From an ‘internee’ to an ’employee’. Ok, enough for now. More on that at a later stage, at a different place.

Yes, at a different place. This blog has been decided to be closed down. Not that it wasn’t already, considering the long period of inactivity, but yes, this is officially closed from today. This blog has given me a belief that I can write, and hopefully, someday, I would again start a new one, and hopefully I’d enjoy writing there as much as I did with this blog. God bless all!


The Delhi Tour/Happy New Year

The end of ’09 looked good for me, with  three trips to three awesome places. The first being to Wayanad, then a quick official trip and finally, the best in a few years. A superbly satisfying 8-day trip to New Delhi, Jaipur, Mathura and Agra. The weather was quite chilly, which added to the pleasure. A much-welcome respite from the humid, sweaty climate in Cochin.

Jaipur, the Pink City, had fortifications and walls all over the town. Nearly every other building looked like a heritage monument. And the road traffic is just horrific. Agra made me stand in a big queue for over an hour to see the Taj Mahal, which was worth it anyway.

Also visited Mathura, the birthplace of Shri Krishna. It is one  big struggle to get to the temple successfully. The whole thing looked like a typical video game. You’re in a taxi. There are tons of random roads, all dusty and crowded. Your mission is to reach the highly controversial Janmabhoomi temple, and there are no sign posts anywhere. Almost every person in the road is waiting to divert you from your destination, luring you to visit their own small temples, and ten people point to ten different directions when asked the actual route to the temple. At last, if by some luck, you do manage to reach the temple, there’s a mile-long queue for security check which moves at snail-pace. Thank God, our taxiwala bhayya was a pro in these matters!

Now coming to Delhi. The Corporation officials of my city can well learn about maintaining a clean city and ensuring minimum traffic congestion with good roads from the folks there. Lovely roads, especially in the important parts of the city. The Metro Rail is excellent, and I seriously doubt whether such a thing would ever come in Cochin, in spite of the brains behind the projects being the same. Blurdy land acquisition problems. There would be Hartals and Strikes from day one, if the plan ever did materialise. And the roads, well, there seem to be more craters in the roads in my city than in Moon or Mars!

We had to cancel the Haridwar/Rishikesh trip mid-way because of the heavy fog. The few kilometres we went before we cancelled were mind-blowing! It was zero visibility and total blank view, and there were upturned vehicles and fog-related accidents at almost every corner.

Anyways, let’s hope the year ahead is good, serene and calm. Here’s wishing you all a happy, healthy and fruitful 2010!

Exams and Results

It’s official. Yours truly is now a degree holder. B.Com First Class, to be precise. The only regret being not attending a college, whereby missing out on class-bunking, movie-watching, boozing, drooling, partying, ah, you know the rest! In short, skipped out years of jolly time wastage by deciding to become the person who is awake among those who sleep.

(By the way, a google search on the above quote results not in the ICAI motto, but on sleep disorders. Well, No surprises there eh?)

I wish there was a way to look into how my university people value the answer sheets and set the marks. My mark list shows that I got 40 marks in Costing I and a 90 in Costing II. Which is like getting a 40 in CBSE Class X English exam and a 90 (equivalent) in TOEFL. Okay, thats exaggerating. But you get the point. So, according to them, I know just about enough to manage to pass in the basics part, while I’m an expert at the advanced topics. Kewl! Wonder what they were smoking. Anyway, the rest of the marks are equally bewildering.

Hmm. On another side, all kinds of rumours are spreading on a change in the ICAI exam pattern following their press release about students expected to have advanced knowledge right from the PCC level. An increase in the minimum marks or cut off level seems to be the most common one. Why do all the rumours that we hear tend to be bad ones?!

To the November exam guys: All the best, ppl! Rock the show!

And to everyone: Happy Deepavali 🙂

Take Care

Try, baby try
To trust in my love again.
I will be there, I will be there.
Love, your love
Just shouldn’t be thrown away.
If we’d go again
All the way from the start,
I would try to change
The things that killed our love

Dear ………….,

Hope this finds you in good spirits, and in a good mood, so you won’t crumple this up as soon as you see my name. Twelve calls and you didn’t pick up even once. Okay, it’s all my fault. My ignorance, my foolishness, my supreme bloated ego.

I realise I might have apperared irritating to you, recently. Okay, a lot irritating. I wouldn’t blame you. I admit, you were right to feel so. Its just because I wanted you all to myself.  I couldn’t stand you drifting away from me. You couldn’t realise that? You could’ve reacted differently to my actions. You could have tried to change yourself, instead of asking me to change and wanting me to be the same old person that I used to be.

Maybe I wasn’t being too open with what I wanted. But you could have tried. At least tried, to decipher what I was trying to imply, why I was breaking down, why I was changing more and more with each passing day, from the guy I used to be.

Ok, in the end, I don’t blame you. It’s all been my fault. My expectations from you were just different from yours. And I’m sure I will move on in life, someday, like you have already. And I wonder how I would think about this at that stage.

Remember the first day we actually met? I never used to believe in co-incidences till that day. Hmm, what a day! Its still fresh in my memory and I’m sure it was one of the best days of my whole life.

I know its all too late to be reflecting upon it now. It is not my intention that you should read this and come running back to me, hug and cry and forget all that has happened between us. I just wanted to convey this out to you, to let know what I feel. And to give you one last memoir of me that you can look at, when you ever, if ever do happen to think of me. I’m quite positive you might have already cleared all traces of me from your life, and I have no reason to believe this wouldn’t go straight onto your waste bin. But still, I just wanted to do this.

Thanks for taking your time reading this. Just want to let you know that I would always be there for you. Have an awesome life, wherever and however you are. Take care.

If we’d go again
All the way from the start
I would try to change
The things that killed our love
Yes, Ive hurt your pride, and I know
What you’ve been through
You should give me a chance
This cant be the end
Im still loving you


No, I’m not suffering from any sorta breakdown. Just plain Fiction.


The walk on the railway tracks,
By the river as our laughter cracks..

As the sun dips into the waters,
During the dusky hours..

Dark waters flow by,
Under the moon we lie..

A word or two, but often silence talks,
Barefoot on little pieces of rocks..

As the evening clouds turn red,
A lone bird flies with a crumb of bread..

Two pairs of eyes smile,
Two hands held, for miles..

Some leisure hours by the bustle of the day,
Some evenings Some moonlit skies..

A smile with a thought,
In one corner lies..


What better way to end a tiring office day than at the blog! 🙂

Hmm. I’ve been tagged by Rahul, and the rules are:

You can only say Guilty or Innocent

You are not allowed to explain anything unless someone messages you and asks!

Copy and paste this into your notes , delete my answers, type in your answers and tag 20 of your friends to answer this.

Cool.. Here they go..!

Asked someone to marry you? Innocent

Ever kissed someone of the same sex? Innocent <Yuck>

Danced on a table in a bar? Innocent <Yeah right! Leave the table and bar, not even danced..! 😀 >

Ever told a lie? Guilty 🙂

Had feelings for someone whom you can’t have back? Guilty <Guilty^100>

Kissed a picture? Innocent

Slept in until 5 PM? Innocent

Fallen asleep at work/school? Guilty 😀

Held a snake? Innocent

Been suspended from school? Innocent

Worked at a fast food restaurant? Innocent

Stolen from a store? Innocent

Been fired from a job? Innocent

Done something you regret? Guilty <Very guilty>

Laughed until something you were drinking came out your nose? Guilty

Caught a snowflake on your tongue? Innocent

Kissed in the rain? Innocent <Wish I were guilty 😀 >

Sat on a roof top? Guilty

Kissed someone you shouldn’t? Guilty

Sang in the shower? Guilty

Been pushed into a pool with all your clothes on? Innocent

Shaved your head? Innocent <Gotten my head shaved? Guilty>

Had a boxing membership? Innocent

Made a girlfriend/boyfriend cry? Guilty

Been in a band? Innocent

Shot a gun? Guilty

Donated Blood? Innocent

Eaten alligator meat? Innocent

Eaten cheesecake? Innocent

Still love someone you shouldn’t? Guilty

Have/had a tattoo? Guilty

Liked someone, but will never tell who? Innocent

Been too honest? Guilty

Ruined a surprise? Guilty

Ate in a restaurant and got really bloated that you couldn’t walk afterwards? Innocent

Erased someone in your friends list? Guilty

Dressed in a woman’s clothes (if you’re a guy) or man’s clothes (if you’re a girl)? Innocent

Joined a pageant? Innocent

Been told that you’re handsome or beautiful by someone who totally meant what they said? Guilty <Well, actually, how do I know if they totally meant it?>

Had communication with your ex? Innocent

Got totally drunk on the night before exam? Innocent

Got totally angry that you cried so hard? Guilty

Now.. Job done.. Fun.. Well, my turn now. Lets see. I hereby tag Nikhil,
Whats in a Name?!, Professional Freak, Lone Striker and Athira.. Good luck ppl!! 😉 Enjoy!!! And the tag is open to all my friends who dont blog.  Please go ahead in the Comments section, ppl.. Or just start a blog 😉

And Happy Onam 🙂 Have fun doing tax audits having Ona Sadya folks!