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The Wayanad Tour

Just got back from an amazing tour to Wayanad. Wayanad is a spectacularly beautiful hill station/forest area in northern Kerala. A must-visit place for nature-lovers.

This is a synopsis of the tour, arranged in numbers. And I clarify, this is not because of the popular conception of CAs being mad-about-numbers people. Heh.

1 – One bus. Twenty people. One rocking tour!

2 – Number of days spent in Wayanad. 

3 – Number of movies watched in the bus during the whole journey. All yucky movies, sadly.

4 – Hours spent at Kuruva Dweep. Awesome four hours. Lovely place. One of the best experiences for a water lover. And one of the rarest clean picnic spots we can see in India.

5 – Number of people who went out for a walk at 11 PM along a totally empty road in the middle of a forest in Vythiri, with no houses or habitation around for kilometres.

6 – Time (in minutes) the above walk lasted before the team got shit scared and ran back to safety.

7 – Number of guys who were interested in getting their snaps taken beside the rocks and water in Banasurasagar Dam, and got busted by the cops for entering prohibited area.

8 – Minutes the above-mentioned cops spent advising (Of course, in Kerala Police terms) the above-mentioned law-breakers about Godknowswhat.

9 – Time (in hours) taken to reach Wayanad from Cochin.

10 – Minutes my chappals lasted before breaking apart on our 1.5 hour trek atop Chembra Peak till the supposedly-never-drying lake.