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Qualified Opinion

Its been eons since the last post! The thought was that I’d take a temporary slowdown for the exams. The slowdown, which started in Jan 2010, got shifted to a break in February. The only problem was, the break never ended!

Exams came and went, but the break went on. There have been many times I felt like updating the blog, but I’d just sit in front of the screen, staring at the ‘New Post’ page. The sudden surge of guilt of having ignored my blog, which would result when I read something good on the internet, would quickly melt away when I sit to write. Absolute lack of creativity was the norm.

I have sat down many times, taken lots of vows to put finger to keyboard and update my blog, within this span of time. There are lots of stupid draft posts lying half-baked and unpublished. Well, its not like I was exceptionally creative earlier, but  there always used to be something to write about, whereas the last year was full of studies, exams and other tension. But, it was a life-changing year. One that totally altered my life. In many ways, many meanings.

2011 – I got transformed from a ‘student’ to a ‘professional’. From a ‘classmate’ to a ‘colleague’. From an ‘internee’ to an ’employee’. Ok, enough for now. More on that at a later stage, at a different place.

Yes, at a different place. This blog has been decided to be closed down. Not that it wasn’t already, considering the long period of inactivity, but yes, this is officially closed from today. This blog has given me a belief that I can write, and hopefully, someday, I would again start a new one, and hopefully I’d enjoy writing there as much as I did with this blog. God bless all!